China's New Airports, European Union, Libya, Alibaba - This Week in Global Logistics

air cargo exportLibya Unrest and Oil Prices – Unrest in Libya has led to concerns as the world’s 12th-largest supplier of oil future is seen as uncertain.  In the wake of the Egyptian revolution, economists are watching this situation closely and its effect on the Middle East.

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Alibaba Shaken After Fraud Scam – went through a major restructuring after widespread fraud was uncovered at the company.  Alibaba has become a major online marketplace connecting overseas suppliers (mainly in China) with small business around the world.  The scandal took place over two years as approximately 100 Alibaba salespeople conspired with fraudulent sellers to pose as legitimate suppliers.

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Purchasing Power in the European Union (EU) – Recent statistics evaluating the purchasing power parity of the EU’s 271 regions sheds light on the distribution of wealth in the continent.  The top five spots were occupied by areas in the UK, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany; while four of the bottom five could be found in Bulgaria.

Comparing the upper and lower extremes of the report, the average London resident has a purchasing power that is over 12 times that of their counterpart in Severozapaden, Bulgaria.

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China to Build 45 Airports in 5 Years – The Chinese government’s plans will bring the total number of airports in the country to 220.  The new infrastructure will serve the travel needs of China’s growing middle class.

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