Freight Forwarder ChinaChinese New Year Alters Trade Stats – This year’s Chinese (Lunar) New Year landed on February 3rd; however, this date can range from late January to early February.  A rush of shipments normally precedes the holiday as manufacturers ramp up production to ship their goods before factories shut down.  International shipping out of Asia experiences a slack period in the weeks following the celebration.  As a result, economists must be careful when analyzing trade data and comparing it to historical data.

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China Raises Interest Rates – China’s central bank has raised interest rates to fight inflation in the country.  Consumer prices have risen 4.9% over the past year leading rates found in the U.S. and Europe.  Importers are watching China’s economy closely to see how economic changes will impact their business.

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LA-Long Beach Ports Reduce PierPass Gates – As a result of slower traffic since Chinese New Year, over half of the container terminals in LA/Long Beach will temporarily close one off-peak gate until demand increases.  Last year these gates returned to service in summer.  This year they are expected to open earlier.  The PierPass program was originally created in 2005.

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