close up of shipping containerPollution Declines at Port of Los Angeles – Elemental carbon levels at the Port of Los Angeles have fallen by 55% since 2006.  This measurement is seen as a key indicator of diesel fuel pollution and the improvement is attributed to the Clean Air Action Plan measures taken at both the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.


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Hydrogen Station – First of Its Kind The first ever public hydrogen station connected to an active pipeline has opened in Torrance, California.  The station, which doesn’t require truck delivery of its fuel, will mainly serve the test fleets of Toyota, Mercedes, and other car companies developing hydrogen technologies.  One major advantage of hydrogen fuel is the complete lack of exhaust emissions during use.  However, the ability to deliver hydrogen to consumers remains a major hurdle.

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Chassis Shift a Slow Process Ocean carriers’ decision to stop providing chassis has proven to be a slow process.  While some steamship lines have been more decisive, many have only dropped the service at smaller ports or delayed implementation of their plans.  The transportation industry will be watching closely to see how this situation develops.

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Fight Over Trucking Labor Continues – Organizations including the National Retail Federation and the California Trucking Association are lobbying California’s lawmakers to reject a proposal that could ban owner-operator truckers serving California ports.  Labor groups are in favor of the bill and feel that these truckers are not independent contractors and should therefore be allowed to be organized by unions.  The effects of this and similar legislation can substantially impact the makeup of the entire drayage industry.

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