port of long beach greenHybrid Powered Cargo Ship – The Auriga Leader, a cargo ship operated by NYK Line, is undergoing testing of a battery system designed to store the power of its massive solar cells.  The project has been in development since 2009 when solar panels were installed to offset a portion of the vessel’s fuel consumption.  However, the system proved too unreliable as an effective power source during cloudy weather.  The new batteries are designed to distribute power evenly during changing conditions.

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U.S. Calls for Assistance from China in Counterfeit Electronics – The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating issues of counterfeit products finding their way into the government’s supply chain.  A 2010 study indicated that counterfeit components touched almost 40% of the Pentagon’s parts supply chain.  Indicating that the problem stretches to sensitive military technology, Senators explained that the U.S. Air Force has purchased F-15 flight control computers that included counterfeit microprocessors.  The committee seeks cooperation from China to understand and improve weaknesses in procurement, inventory management controls and other logistics processes.

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Legal Challenges to Clean Trucks Program Continue – The American Trucking Associations (ATA) presented oral arguments to the U.S. Court of Appeals challenging the Port of Los Angeles’ labor requirements under the program.  The Port’s plan mandates that truck drivers are hired as employees rather than working as owner-operators.  The court is expected to issue a ruling later this year.


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Dedola Launches Video Language Challenge – We have launched a contest challenging participants to identify 11 languages as they first appear in a video called “Language of Logistics.”  The video was shot on location with employees at our Los Alamitos, CA headquarters.  The winner of the contest will receive an iPad 2.  Good Luck!

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