freight cranes at port of long beachGibson Guitar Faces Lacey Act Scrutiny – Offices of the legendary guitar manufacturer were raided by federal agents as part of an investigation of wood used in their products.  Detailed information is collected from imported wood and plant products under the Lacey Act.  The government is trying to determine whether any of the company’s wood has been misdeclared or otherwise sourced illegally.  Gibson Guitar officials deny any wrongdoing.

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China and India Most Likely to Fake Sick Time – A recent survey asked workers around the world whether they have called in sick to work when they were not actually ill.  China and India led (or trailed) all respondents with 72% and 62% of workers admitting to playing hooky respectively.  For all regions, the top activity on their day off was staying home and watching television.

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Incheon Airport Poised for Continued Growth – Incheon International Airport, the largest in South Korea, is only 10 years old.  With 33.5 million passengers last year, it has already climbed to 8th in the world by passenger volume.  As an air freight hub, Incheon handles nearly a quarter of Korea’s international trade by value.  A new concourse debuted in 2009 which expands the airport’s capacity for the future.

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Greenpeace Pushes for Cleaner Supply Chains – The environmental group Greenpeace released a report on water pollution in China.  The group alleges that two factories used by major apparel manufactures are responsible widespread toxic water pollution.  Several companies named in the report have come forward with plans to improve environmental aspects of their supply chains.

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