Freight Shipment in the Port of Long BeachRecycled Packaging In Your Supply Chain – Companies are looking at recycled packaging to help reduce their carbon footprint. Recycled paperboard, for example, is used by companies in a variety of industries because of its low cost, versatility, high quality, durability, and low impact on the environment. Studies have shown that more than half of supermarket products are packaged with recycled paperboard.  The Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA) conducted a survey that indicated over 60% of consumers are more apt to purchase products from a company utilizing recycled paperboard in their packaging.

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Retail Stores in France Adjust for Influx of Chinese Shoppers – Recently, Paris has received high volume of Chinese tourists coming to purchase luxury brands at prices 20 – 30% lower than in their home country. In 2010 alone, Chinese visitors spent almost $900 million in France, marking a 60% increase from 2009. The Chinese market has become so important to French department stores, that they now provide special Chinese language briefings and other accommodations for the new customer segment.

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Workers Strike Again at Indian Port of Chennai – Protesting a dockside fatality of a colleague, workers at India’s Port of Chennai launched a strike. The situation has also resulted in emergency surcharges from major carriers because of the delays and low productivity at the Chennai terminals. The strike congested terminals and forced shippers to deliver cargo to alternative ports in the region.

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China Opens Unauthorized “Angry Birds” Theme Park – This month marks the opening of a Chinese theme park inspired by the popular mobile game, Angry Birds. Without use of a license from the game’s maker, Finland based Rovio, the park has drawn the ire of those in intellectual property. This news also comes after a wave of fake Apple stores which were recently discovered and subsequently shut down by government officials. Rovio has yet to respond.

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