This Week In Global Logistics 54Intermodal Facility Approved at Port Everglades– The Broward County Board of Commissioners has approved an intermodal rail container transfer facility (ICTF) at Port Everglades  in order to eliminate drayage to and from off-port rail terminals. The ICTF will be opened by 2014 and is expected to reduce road congestion and harmful air emissions by diverting up to 180,000 trucks by 2027. The first leg of development should be completed by late 2013.

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Surge in Indonesian Exports – In the last few years, manufacturers have shifted production away from disaster stricken areas such as Thailand and Japan. Since Indonesia has such a strong domestic market and is rich with raw materials, some global giants have built new production facilities there. This shift in production contributed to a 29% surge in Indonesian exports during 2011.

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An Innovative Concept for Sustaining the Future of Shipping – Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. has developed asustainable shipping concept called the Aquarius Eco Ship.The design incorporates ways to utilize sun and wind power by using their Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System, a fuel saving and emission reduction technology with features including solar panels, energy storage modules, a computer control system, and an advanced rigid sail design. The Aquarius MRE System is applicable to many different types and sizes of ocean going ships including bulk carriers, oil tankers, and passenger ferries.

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Pirates Beware of Impending Military Vessel – The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is conducting a 12-million-euro project that will equip the Partisan, a French military training vessel, with a series of anti-pirate security features and non-lethal defense weapons. Security features will include radar systems and infrared cameras for early detection of pirate activity. If there is threat of an attack, the crews will have access to non-lethal weaponry such as long range acoustic devices, beams of blinding light, and remote controlled water cannons. These anti-pirate defense mechanisms are expected to enter the market by 2014. 

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