Week 71 In Global Logistics

Harry Bridges (1901-1990) – Founder of the ILWU

Possible ILA-ILWU Alliance Against Non-Union Forces – The International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) on the East and Gulf coasts and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on the West Coast are discussing a maritime labor alliance to protect their jurisdiction against non-maritime unions or non-union employers. Both dock worker unions have had disagreements with employers that have attempted to sign contracts with other unions or shift their operations to non-union terminals.

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Export-Import Bank Legislation Passed – Last week a legislation reauthorizing the Export-Import bank was passed by congress and signed by President Obama. This legislation extends the bank’s lending authority through 2014 and increases the bank’s credit limits. This will provide thousands of Americans the tools they need to sell more of their products and services overseas.

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Chinese Built Port Opens in Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka’s first Chinese built port opened for international shipping on Wednesday, June 6, with the arrival of 1,000 cars from India. The $1.5 billion deep-sea port in southern Hambantota straddles a major east-west shipping lane used by 200-300 international vessels daily. This new port was conceived to create a new logistics hub to handle transshipments from Asia and provide a boost to Sri Lanka’s economy.

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E.U.-U.S. Implement Air Cargo Accord – The European Union and the United states have come to an agreement to recognize each other’s air cargo security regimes. This means the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recognizes the security procedures of EU member states and the EU accepts the TSA’s cargo screening program. This new accord will eliminate duplication of security controls and the additional cost of duplicate transatlantic measures.

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