Week 72 In Global LogisticsLong Beach Voted ‘Best Seaport’ in North America – The Port of Long Beach had been named the best seaport in North America by Cargonews Asia at the 2012 Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards in Shanghai. This is the 15th time in the past 17 years that the Port of Long Beach has been recognized as the best on the continent by importers, exporters and supply chain professionals.

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L.A., Long Beach Ports Increase Traffic Mitigation Fee – Marine terminaloperators in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will increase their traffic mitigation fee by 2.5% on August 1st. This increase is meant to address labor cost increases scheduled to take effect on July 1st. The fee helps pay for the night and Saturday marine terminal shifts created by the PierPass Offpeak program to relieve daytime congestion in and around the ports. The fee also provides incentive to move cargo during less congested times.

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China Cuts Tariffs on Selected Imported Goods – China will cut tariffs on 700 types of imported goods with the purpose of reforming the country’s foreign trade structure this year. Jia Kang, the head of the Ministry of Finance’s Institute of Fiscal Science, states that the tariff cuts aim to reduce damage to the local environment by using imports as an alternative to domestic goods that cause pollution during their production process.

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Longshore Dispute at Port of Portland – Trucks have been backed up for up to a mile during the last two weeks because two unions are disputing who gets to plug in their ‘reefers,’ or refrigerated shipping containers. This argument between the longshoremen against electrical workers is backing up millions of dollars worth of cargo around the Northwest.

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