U.S. Places Tariff on Chinese Solar Panels, Canada Joins TPP Talks, Strike at Port of Le Havre, EU Free Trade Talks with Japan - This Week In Global Logistics

Solar Panel tariffU.S. to Place Tariff on Solar Panels from China – The United States government is imposing tariffs on Chinese solar panels ranging from 24-36%. The tariff is a reaction against Chinese companies using government subsidies to sell products in the U.S. below cost, a process known as ‘dumping.’

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Canada Joins TPP Talks – Canada has formally joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations along with eleven other countries – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru,  Singapore, Vietnam and the United States. The negotiations aim to establish a comprehensive free trade agreement across the nation as well as enhance economic growth and prosperity.

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Strike at Port of Le Havre – 2,400 dockworkers and 1,200 shipping agents went on strike yesterday at the Port of Le Havre, France’s second largest port. The workers are protesting to express their concerns about job cuts.

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EU Free Trade Talks With Japan – The European Union (EU) parliament’s international trade committee has approved the pursuit of free-trade talks with Japan pending the countries removal of barriers in key sectors. Restrictions to market access in electronics, postal services and railway procurement must also be lifted to ensure that EU tariffs are not reduced without reciprocation from Japan.

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