Port of Montreal LogoPort of Montreal Will Now Accommodate Larger Ships – The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) has authorized the passage of larger vessels, making it possible for post-Panamax vessels to reach Montreal. The previously authorized vessel width of 32.1 meters has been increased to 44 meters.

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Bayonne Bridge Project Approved – The Coast Guard has approved plans to raise the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge. The $1.3 billion project will raise the bridges roadway by 64 feet in order to accommodate larger ships. The bridge currently blocks access for larger ships to New York Harbor’s four big container terminals in New Jersey and Staten Island.

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Long Beach Named Best Port in North America – The Port of Long Beach has earned the “best seaport in North America” for the 16th time in the last 18 years. Each port is judged by importers, exporters, and supply chain professionals.

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Asia-Pacific Nations Begin RCEP Talks – Sixteen Asia-Pacific nations have begun talks to create one of the world’s largest free trade blocs. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will account for about half of the global market, including China and Japan.

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