Whale tailNew Shipping Lanes off California Coast – New shipping lanes have been developed for vessels traveling to California ports to protect endangered whales from ship collisions. The new lanes change the routes of ships using the San Francisco Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel, and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Vessels will begin using these new traffic lanes this weekend.

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Port of LA Implements New Energy Plan – The Port of Los Angeles has announced the development of an Energy Management Action Plan (E-MAP). The plan is designed to improve the port’s energy efficiency by assessing the port’s existing and future power demands.

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Port of Virginia Schedules Closure on June 12th – The Port of Virginia has scheduled a 4-hour shut down to address the details of the new labor contract with union employees. Hampton Roads Shipping Association is sponsoring the event in conjunction with local leaders of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA).

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Port of LA Signs MoU with Hamburg Port Authority – The Port of Los Angeles has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Hamburg Port Authority. The 5-year agreement paves the way for increased cooperation and partnership.

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