Seafarers Bill of Rights Comes into Force, U.S. Allows Citrus Imports from Uruguay, Senators Introduce Bill to Repeal Harbor Maintenance Tax, Shanghai FTZ Approved - This Week In Global Logistics

Maritime Labour Convention 2006Seafarers Bill of Rights Comes into Force – The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006, also known as the “Seafarers Bill of Rights,” officially came into force in 30 countries on August 20th. The bill provides international standards for seafarer’s rights such as minimum age, employment agreements, wages, hours of work, etc. In total, 47 countries have ratified the bill.

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U.S. Allows Citrus Imports from Uruguay – The Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has released a new rule allowing the importation of citrus fruit from Uruguay. The fruit will still need to be produced in accordance with importation requirements.

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Senators Introduce Bill to Repeal Harbor Maintenance Tax – Washington senators are planning to repeal the harbor maintenance tax that is collected at U.S. shipping ports and impose a rail-and-road import tax from Canada and Mexico instead. Removing the harbor maintenance tax will incentivize shippers to move their goods through American ports. The bill is to be presented to the U.S. Senate next month.

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Shanghai FTZ Approved – A new experimental Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has been approved in the commercial hub of Shanghai. The FTZ will combine four existing development zones and help promote economic reforms.

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