London Gateway LogoLondon Gateway is Now Accepting Ships – The London Gateway port, a decade-long project, received its first ship this week, MOL Caledon. The London Gateway is able to handle 400-meter ships that can carry more than 18,000 containers and is located closer to major U.K. population centers than other ports with similar capacity.

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New Logistics Center Being Built at Port of Oakland – The Port of Oakland began work on its new Trade and Logistics Center, an import, export and transshipment hub with intermodal rail service. The project, planned in phases, will redevelop the former Oakland Army Base.

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Long Beach Sign “Sister Port” Pact with Busan – Representatives from the Port of Long Beach met with the Port of Busan this week to sign a “Sister Port” agreement. The agreement provides for a mutually beneficial exchange of technology, ideas and culture. The Port of Long Beach has existing “Sister Port” agreements with the Port of Qingdao in China and the Ports of Hualien and Taichung in Taiwan.

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Political Protest Shuts Down Port of Chittagong – Bangladesh’s Port of Chittagong has been shut down due to a countrywide political protest. Trucking companies are refusing to deliver goods because of vandalism fears. No containers have been moved out of the port’s 16 inland container depots and no trucks have been allowed into the facilities since Monday, November 4th.

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