ShellfishShellfish from U.S. West Coast Banned in China – The Chinese government has banned shellfish imports from the U.S. west coast after discovering poisonous toxins in a recent shipment of geoduck. The ban was initiated last week and will continue indefinitely.

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Russia Proposes a Package of Bilateral Trade Agreements to U.S.  – Russian officials have submitted a proposal to the United States requesting the negotiation of a package of bilateral trade agreements. Potential deals include a bilateral investment treaty and pacts on regulations and standards. Russian officials hope that the agreements will pave the way for the negotiation of a free trade agreement (FTA).

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China to Build Nicaraguan Canal – In order to compete with the Panama Canal, the Nicaraguan government has granted permission to a Beijing-based business man, CEO Wang Jing, to build a canal connecting Nicaragua’s Pacific and Atlantic Coasts. Jing promises to build a canal three times the length of the Panama Canal in exchange for a generous set of concessions.

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EU Customs Union Lifts Trade Barriers with Ukraine – The Customs Union will lift technical barriers with Ukraine to facilitate the back and forth movement of goods during 2014. The end goal is to reach each other’s markets without additional checks, certifications or documents.

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