Port of VancouverTrucker Strike at Port Metro Vancouver – Truck drivers have gone on strike and withdrawn their services from Port Metro Vancouver, Canada’s busiest port. Truckers are demanding standardized rates of pay across the trucking sector to prevent undercutting and to reduce wait times at the port. The B.C. Transport Minister, Todd Stone, has asked the Federal Transport minister to help deal with the strike, concerned that ships will begin diverting to Seattle.

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Hanjin Will Continue to Call on Port of Portland – Hanjin Shipping Co. has decided to continue calling on the Port of Portland despite labor turmoil and high costs. Unfortunately, the longshore union immediately accused the Port of subsidizing the steamship line with tax revenues. The Port has denied the use of tax money.

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Europe Wants to Ban Certain Cheese Names in the U.S. – As part of trade talks, the European Union (EU) has suggested a ban on certain cheese names on cheeses made in the United States, such as Parmesan, Feta and Gorgonzola. The EU says these cheeses come from specific regions and the American-made cheeses are imitations of the original European cheese.

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New Canada-US Border Crossing – Plans to build a bridge from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario are being discussed and construction could begin as early as 2016. Canada has agreed to cover $2.3 billion of the construction costs, including a $550 million infrastructure cost on the US side.

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