association for operations managementSupply Chain Council and APICS to Merge

The Supply Chain Council (SCC) and American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) announced on Wednesday that both organizations will be merging upon ratification of SCC board members. SCC and APICS are both leading non-profits in the supply chain field. John Sells, chair of SCC, states that the merger will help professionals “to strategically and systematically improve supply chain performance.”

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Cargo Thefts Down in 2013

CargoNet reports that, “physical cargo” theft decreased by 9%, but fictitious pickups increased by 36%, in 2013. The decline of theft happened mostly in the first part of the year and typically occurred during Thursdays and Fridays, when shippers are anxious to move their freight.  Fictitious pickups are being blamed on “cybercrime” and are when “phony businesses and fake identifications” are created in order to steal cargo.

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The Great Lime Shortage of 2014

Who is to blame for the lime shortage in the United States? The Business Insider reports that Mother Nature and a Mexican Cartel are the reasons limes are scarce this year. Mexican limes have has been suffering from tree diseases and heavy rains this season, while, one cartel has been stealing limes from farmers and/or imposing high taxes on them. Mexico produces 95% of limes used in the United States.

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