auto factoryKia Will Invest $1 Billion in Mexico Plant – South Korean auto maker Kia Motors announced plans to build a $1 billion assembly plant outside of Monterrey, Mexico.  In the past few months, Mercedes, BMW, and Nissan all announced plans to add manufacturing in Mexico.  Kia’s plant will produce 300,000 vehicles per year after its scheduled completion in 2016.        

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Massive Waves Cause Delays at Port of Long Beach – Tropical Storm Marie led to 15 foot waves at the Port of Long Beach this week.  The weather caused minor delays at two terminals including a vessel unloading Mercedes-Benz automobiles.  Work resumed as the waves began to subside.

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Google Announces Drone Flight – Google revealed its drone program called Project Wing this week.  The company began work on drones in 2011 but just announced their first delivery occurred earlier this week in Queensland, Australia.  Current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) severely limit drone use.  Although Google is optimistic about the future of autonomous deliveries, they believe their widespread use is still “years away.”

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