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Last Mile Logistics Optimized – What to Know Before Choosing a Logistics Partner

In logistics, the “last mile” refers to cargo movement from the entry port to its final destination – usually a storage warehouse, distribution center, or importer facility.

Last-mile efficiency is a crucial part of your supply chain, and an experienced logistics partner knows how to get the job done seamlessly.

Why We Focus on the Last Mile

  • We help improve trucking efficiency by scheduling pickup and meeting delivery times.
  • We help avoid unnecessary port and rail fees.
  • We keep your cargo moving so you can meet your deadlines.

Dedola Global Logistics (DGL) has dedicated account representatives in constant communication with truckers, customs brokers –and you. DGL account reps are familiar with the air, ocean, and rail yards’ personnel, procedures, and quirks, and we only work with experienced truckers and drayage companies. Our years of experience help avoid surprises that could delay the release and delivery of your critical shipments.

6 Important Considerations when Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Reliability – It’s essential to find an experienced partner who has your back. At DGL, we provide a consistent, efficient, and transparent process and constantly communicate with all stakeholders through email, text, phone, and real-time updates via our customer portal, TrakItPRO.

Flexibility – The ongoing global supply chain disruptions make having options even more critical. DGL provides a range of shipping modes, including standard and premium ocean shipping and deferred and expedited air freight. We have the experience and established network to seamlessly pivot to alternate modes, routes, and services when required.

Transparency – Timely and accurate data helps optimize your resources, cut soft costs and reduce organizational friction. Our visibility platform, TrakItPRO, makes it easy to gather data, monitor delivery performance, and improve forecasts.

Optimization – Dedola Global Logistics has over four decades of experience and is always proactive. We constantly track, expedite, and adapt throughout the life of your shipment, optimizing the flow from pickup to final delivery.

Communication – Never settle for less than clear, accurate, and timely communication from your logistics partner. DGL staff and online systems are available 24/7. Between our US and China offices, you always have access to status updates and experienced customer service staff to consult. Our mission, to provide seamless and transparent logistics you can be confident in, will give you peace of mind.

How Dedola Delivers!

  • Coordination – We arrange appointment-based, no-surprise deliveries. Our staff proactively tracks and updates you on your delivery status.
  • Flexibility – We maintain a network of reliable domestic carriers. We select a trucker that is the best fit for your shipments but always have options if circumstances change.
  • Continuity – Our long-standing relationships with domestic truckers of all sizes and specialties ensure that even the most complicated shipment will be delivered as promised. DGL exists to optimize your supply chain –and we Deliver!
  • Efficiency – We have built our reputation over four and half decades for our ability to optimize cargo logistics for our clients. We call it The Dedola Difference and invite you to discover how that difference can strengthen your supply chain.

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