Whether you are a startup shipping once a month or a Fortune 100 company shipping 500 times a year, you rely on imported and exported materials to run your business. You need shipping and logistics dependability to keep your customers happy.

Freight forwarding is a complex industry with a lot of moving parts. It’s essential to recognize the signs that you may need to find for a new freight forwarder to handle this significant part of your business before problems become insurmountable. Below are five warning signs that it may be time to find for a new freight forwarder.

Is It Time to Switch Freight Forwarders?


Customer Service

When importers experience complications with their freight forwarder, some companies’ customer service agents may disappear. Forwarders can become complacent with long-term customers, which may demotivate them in finding solutions to unique problems.

Maybe they have more customers than they can adequately handle. Maybe their priorities rest with onboarding new clients or more substantial accounts. Whatever the case may be, it’s not an excuse. More attention needs to be paid to their current customers. We frequently see this type of feedback from prospective customers seeking our services.

At Dedola Global Logistics, we go above and beyond for all of our clients, whether you’ve been with us for weeks or years. No client is too small or too large to receive our highest level of customer care.

We assign dedicated customer service reps that are always available to work with you. They always return phone calls and emails quickly. Our reps become a part of your logistics team. You gain access to a seasoned staff of veterans in our operations department. We proactively seek ways to mitigate risk and lower costs for our clients while seeking out the best possible routes to fit your needs and timeline.


The freight forwarding industry can be unpredictable. No matter how dependable the company, unforeseen circumstances can arise, even if they are rare. This can include a variety of issues, such as loss of product or damaged goods.

It’s imperative to work with a logistics provider that takes ownership and has your back when the unexpected occurs. An experienced freight forwarder will always suggest and provide the right insurance programs for you.

Accidental damage or loss of property can be costly and cripple your business. If your freight forwarding company isn’t providing insurance options to help you cover your bases, it’s time to shop for a new provider.

Shipment Visibility

Today, tracking transparency should be standard with all shipments, everywhere. If companies such as UPS or Federal Express can capitalize on this technology, your freight forwarder should be able to do the same. The reality is that many service providers don’t.

Some forwarders do not provide real-time updates on the location and shipping phase of your cargo. When your business depends on that shipment, that’s not a risk that you should have to take – especially given the readily available technology.

You should know that at Dedola, we provide 24/7 tracking capabilities. You can use our TrakIt app, contact our US or China headquarters via email, or call your dedicated service rep. Our TrakIt system includes state-of-the-art dashboards and features that make it easier to quickly access all your shipment information in an organized and visually appealing manner. We believe that you deserve this type of shipment transparency at all times.

Recurring Problems

If your current freight forwarding company is plagued by routine issues having to do with your shipments, it might be time to change providers. Some red flags that it’s time to change freight forwarders:

  • Repeated delays in departure or arrival times
  • Loss of documentation or errors in documentation
  • Hidden fees and costs

Dedola Global Logistics endeavors to always deliver your cargo on time. We take ownership of the entire process and continuously look for ways to improve customer experience.

Look for a Carrier that is CTPAT Certified

CTPAT stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. It’s a voluntary certification initiative through the Customs Border Patrol (CBP) that allows the CBP, Homeland Security, carriers, brokers, and importers to work together to promote safer passage for foreign goods.

The CTPAT certification process is extensive and exhaustive, involving significant upgrades to systems, security, communications, and transparency. The shipping companies and forwarders that receive certification protect the integrity of supply chains and, ultimately, the safety of the United States.

Dedola is CTPAT certified. We were an early adopter of this program, which typically means there are fewer CBP exams for our shipments. This translates to a smoother shipping experience for our clients. We have shorter wait times at ports and borders because of this, and expedited resumption of business following a disaster.

Making the Switch

When you’ve been doing business with a company for a long time, it may not seem like it will be easy to change, however, we do most of the work and it’s actually quite frictionless. But the reality is that the above issues often appear without notice and before you realize what’s happening, your supply-chain has ground to a halt.

Dedola works with both startups and established companies who’ve been importing and exporting for years. We embody the Dedola Difference by making your supply chain transparent, dependable, and seamless.

If you’ve experienced any of the above issues, or if you’d just like to discuss your specific needs, contact us today! You can also call us at (562) 594-8988 for a free consultation or quote.