Ocean Freight Tracking


Ocean freight is one of the most common means of shipping cargo globally, and it is less expensive than using air freight. However, while ocean freight is generally safe and reliable, it can sometimes be prone to delays and damages. Keeping constant tabs on the location of the ocean freight is one way of ensuring that the shipment is well on its way to its destination. 

You can now track your shipments with Trakit, Dedola’s comprehensive ocean freight tracking service that allows companies to monitor the movement of their shipment using a tracking number. With Trakit, you can know about all delays and get enough time to do some damage control.


The Benefits Of Container Tracking

Crago shipping comes with many uncertainties. This is why experts would suggest you use a container tracking system to keep an eye on your shipment. This ensures that no delays or difficulties catch you off guard. But there are various other reasons why using a tracking system to keep tabs on your shipment is wise. 

No Additional Operating Costs

The tracking system can send accurate inputs about the location and visibility of the shipment once it leaves the port. If it makes any abrupt stops, you can get a heads up about the delay and take action rather than be blind to what’s happening at sea. There is no question of the cargo getting lost at sea, as you would have your eyes on its movement right from the beginning. 

A Lower Chance of Containers Getting Stolen

Cargo gets little to no protection from piracy at sea. Containers getting stolen once they leave the port is not unheard of, and no company would want to bear the costs of losing an important shipment to pirates. With transport logistics, you can know how things are unfolding in the ocean without having to be there physically. You can track the shipment using a tracking number to know if the containers are being stolen and prevent further damage from occurring through GPS systems. The tracking services can give you an idea of whether something’s wrong so that you can make a move.

How Do Tracking Systems and Services Work?

Ocean freight tracking is done using a tracking device that is fastened to the body of the cargo ship. It’s not the ship you track, but the device that is attached to it using the tracking number. There are two types of GPS tracking devices used to trace the movement of cargo ships.  

Locking Mechanism

With this method, a locking system that includes the tracking device seals the container. It is usually fastened when the cargo is loaded on the ship.

Magnetic Tracking Devices

Magnetic devices are attached to the side of the shipment with this method. It is usually placed between the structural ribs and not on top of the container. This is because the containers are placed on top of each other when they are loaded. 

The GPS allows the tracker to trace its location using cellular or satellite connections. You can use apps to monitor the movement of the cargo as it travels through the oceans to its destination. The app will alert you if something needs your attention, and you get to stay on top of any difficulties, such as delays or theft.


Dedola Global Logistics

Dedola Global Logistics can help you track your air, ocean, rail, and road shipments with ease. Our innovative system, Trakit, furnishes you with all the tools you need to monitor the cargo and know if it successfully reaches its destination within the designated period. 

If there are stops or delays for customs or any other reason, you’ll know about it instantly and get plenty of time to take action. Trakit can help you with several of your shipments. You can get all the information you need at your fingertips through your tracking number. Here are the updates that you can receive from the app:

  • When the shipment leaves the port
  • When it is due to arrive at its destination
  • When or if it clears customs
  • If there were any stops along the way

Thanks to our ocean freight tracking system, you can keep all the required documents and paperwork in the system, so clearing customs becomes easy and hassle-free. Schedule a meeting with us now so that we can get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How are shipping rates determined?

Cargo shipping can cost a lot of money. The precise amount would depend upon the mode of shipping. For instance, air freight transport is more expensive than ocean transport. The kind of cargo you’re transporting would influence the price too. Here are some of the things that are considered when determining shipping rates:


  • The nature of the shipment
  • Mode of transport (air, ocean, rail, or road)
  • Dimensions of the shipment (length, width, and height in cubic footage)
  • Origin and destination of the shipment
  • Weight and seasonality <

How long does it take to ship freight?

The duration of the cargo’s journey would depend upon several variables. It could arrive sooner or later than the estimated time of arrival. The mode of transport you’ve chosen also plays a part. Air shipment reaches its destination far earlier than ocean freight, but it is also more expensive. If you want to know the duration of the journey, you can use a transit time calculator to find out. Factors, such as weather conditions and other variables, should also be considered.