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Air Freight

When you need products delivered quickly, air freight forwarder services are crucial. Finding the right partner for your air cargo is critical, but still, you may find that major service providers might not make your shipment a priority right when you need it most. You may find your customer service needs are ignored in favor of companies with higher volume and larger volumes.

Not with Dedola Global Logistics. Whatever the size of your shipment, we provide the air freight services you need to get your goods transported quickly. Your product is the lifeblood of your business, which means you need the same reliable, efficient service that your largest competitors receive. We provide just that, with customer service that treats your priorities as our priorities.

Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

Above and beyond

They are constantly going above and beyond to make sure I am happy and getting personal attention. I am confident that we will be importing our bicycles with Dedola for a long time to come.

Michael Fishman Co-Founder & President, Pure Fix Cycles
Competitive pricing

Dedola has been our trusted import broker since 2013. Their technology and shipment visibility rivals any large brokerage company, but their real strength is the personal attention from their great administrative team. I doubt there is a better combination of competitive pricing and outstanding service available in the industry.

Peter P & P Imports, Irvine, CA, USA

We have been working with Dedola Global Logistics for almost a decade now and their customer service and pricing has always been exceptional. The team at Dedola are all first class trustworthy individuals. Never once have they steered us in the wrong direction. Their knowledge in each area of the industry has helped our company in many ways. From LCL shipments, to importing 20ft/40ft containers, and processing triangle shipments, Dedola made every shipment as seamless as possible. This allows us to focus our time and energy where it is needed most which is our client base. We look forward to building even a stronger relationship over the next few decades!

Owner - Vin C. SCS Performance, LLC, Livermore, California
Handles the entire process

As a small business owner there are countless obstacles to overcome every day. Dedola works for me and handles the entire process so I can stay focused on growing my business.

Gabriel Matrix Mirrors
Always takes care of us

Dedola has always provided above and beyond customer service for our company in many ways. When we needed a new 3PL warehouse they helped us with negotiating rates with a warehouse they recommended and made sure we were always taken care of. Dedola is a forwarder we as a company would highly recommend.

Amanda SJ Creations
Excellent customer service

The Dedola team has been a great partner right from the beginning. They offered flexible terms, great rates and the customer service is excellent. They have been open to many of my suggestions on how to improve the overall customer experience.

Bob Precision, CPG, LLC., California
Peace of Mind

Dedola has been incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. Their sales team spent an hour on the phone with me carefully answering my many questions and my Logistic Coordinator, Crystal, patiently walked me through the process of my first order every step of the way. I started shipping during the pandemic, and I was amazed at how smoothly everything went! I am incredibly grateful that I chose Dedola and I highly recommend them for all of your shipping needs!

Karen T. Griff Goods Amazon Company
A Pleasure to Work With!

We’ve been working with DGL for a year and a half. Their responsiveness, attentiveness, reliable delivery, and competitive pricing has made it a pleasure working with them. Unlike our last forwarder, we’re now in the loop with everything from status of deliveries to changes in pricing.

Name upon Request Matcha Importer

What’s the difference between air freight forwarding and ocean freight forwarding?

Generally, the larger and heavier the shipments are, the cheaper it is to ship by ocean. This is because the cost of sending cargo on a ship is calculated by volume. In contrast, the cost associated with shipping cargo by air is calculated by its weight. 

Which method you choose will determine your overall shipping costs and arrival time. Airfreight forwarding is a much faster method than ocean freight forwarding. But it’s not just about time — the weight and volume of cargo can determine which way is best for you. So, if you’re shipping something light and small, then air freight forwarding may be your best bet. If you’re unsure, then call Dedola Global Logistics, and we can help you determine which method is best.

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Why is it better to work with an international air freight forwarder?

It’s not easy to send your goods across borders. To be successful, you will want to hire an air freight forwarder who has a strong understanding of regulations, logistics, and documentation. This ensures that your cargo is properly handled, stored, and then received at its intended destination. You want to choose a company that will handle all aspects of tracking, paperwork, warehousing, and other specific details of a comprehensive shipping process. International air cargo is heavily regulated for safety reasons. You want to choose an air freight forwarder who will help you complete the correct insurance, customs, and other required forms.

The following factors will affect the cost of shipping:

  • The size of your cargo and how it is packed
  • Its volume and shape
  • How much the cargo weighs
  • How much the packaging weighs
  • How many shipments you’ll be sending
  • The estimated value of your cargo
  • Whether your cargo will be palletized (shrink-wrapped and on top of pallets) or loose
  • Whether or not you would like to buy insurance for the shipment
  • How many shipments you will make in a month
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Dangerous Goods Documentation

To ship dangerous goods, you will need to complete special transport documents. Important information needs to be given to the aircraft operator or carrier so that your shipment is handled correctly. The documents you’ll need to fill out are the Air Waybill and the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods, or Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). According to Section 8 of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), you must complete one for each consignment of dangerous goods. The Air Waybill, also known as an air consignment note, is a receipt given by an international airline that provides critical details about the shipment and is non-negotiable.

There are some items and chemicals that could endanger the safety of the people who will handle the cargo, so other specialists will need to oversee its handling. Examples of dangerous goods include lithium batteries, radioactive materials, explosives, gases, and any items that are:

  • Toxic
  • Oxidizing
  • Corrosive
  • Infectious
  • Flammable
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The Nature and Quantity of Dangerous Goods

There are four sections in the 'Nature and Quantity of Dangerous Goods' declaration that you will need to fill out.

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1. Identification

First, you’ll need to identify the cargo that is being shipped. You need to provide a basic description of the chemicals and substances that are in the shipment, so first responders know what they’re dealing with if they need to respond to an emergency. You will need to provide the shipping name, which is the technical name of the product being shipped. You also need to give the class or division of material the cargo is made of, and, if applicable, what packing group they are a part of.

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2. Packing Type and Quantity

Next, you will need to determine the total number of packages being shipped and the type of packaging. You may be asked to enter information regarding package weights or volumes, or even gross weight.

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3. Packing Instruction

According to Section 5 of the IATA’s DGR, you must use high-quality packaging that can withstand loading and unloading, as well as conditions normal to transport. Additionally, your packages must be built and secured to ensure that none of the contents will fall out or be lost.

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4. Statement of Authorization

Special provisions mandate that competent authorities, such as the US Department of Transportation, authorize air shipments. Air transport requires agreements between the United States and foreign governments.

Still, even domestic shipments require authorizations and shipments and commercial bills of lading. Special provisions include:

  • Quantity limitations
  • Packing requirements
  • Aircraft type
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Expedited and Priority Services 

When you have a special shipment that needs to be prioritized, our company has the air freight delivery options to suit your needs. Our air freight services include same-day delivery, priority morning delivery, next day evening delivery, and many more options. Give us a call, and our experienced staff can help you choose the best option.

Logistical Support

Every day, millions of small packages and large freight shipments move across the country and across international borders. Though the shipping landscape is always changing, and the pandemic requires novel problem-solving, some things remain unchanged. You still need a logistics partner who can provide expert, efficient air freight forwarding services. Dedola Global Logistics will provide the best end-to-end solution for your company.

If you’re a business owner and are trying to keep up with the demands of your competitive industry, then rely on Dedola Global Logistics. We use advanced freight tracking technologies and have a vast network of airline partners. We will successfully deliver your shipment from your suppliers’ doorstep through to your customer’s doorstep. So, give us a call and tell us what you’re shipping, where you want to send it, your concerns, and any other questions. We’d be happy to help you maximize efficiency and streamline your logistics.

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Air Freight Forwarding

Dedola Global Logistics stands at the forefront of air cargo solutions, providing an extensive array of services that enable shippers to transport their goods by air. As a key aspect of the worldwide supply chain, air freight holds significant importance. Dedola stands as an international air cargo specialist, providing swift, reliable services for the transit of high-value and time-critical items. Dedola Global Logistics possesses vast expertise in both air and ocean cargo services, offering an array of solutions that aid shippers in managing the intricacies of air cargo shipment.

Understanding Air Cargo Solutions

Air cargo solutions entail organizing the transit of air cargo from one place to another, typically for business purposes. It involves managing shipping logistics, including transportation arrangements, document handling, and customs clearance processes. Air cargo solutions play an integral role in international trade by enabling quick, efficient goods transportation across borders.

Commonly Shipped Goods via Air Freight

Air freight typically serves for the transit of high-value or time-sensitive goods of various kinds. Common items shipped by air include electronics, pharmaceuticals, and perishable goods. Moreover, air freight is also employed for unusually large or heavy items that are impractical to transport through other means.

The Advantages of Employing Air Cargo Solutions

Air cargo solutions ensure swift and efficient shipping, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive consignments. It also provides access to a worldwide network of airlines, enabling shippers to deliver their goods globally. Furthermore, air freight is generally deemed safer than other forms of transportation, as cargo is subject to fewer handling and security issues.

Preparing Goods for Air Freight Shipment

To prepare goods for air freight shipment, it is essential that they are properly packaged and labeled, and all required documentation is prepared. This may include securing any necessary permits, licenses, or certifications, and ensuring the goods comply with any relevant safety or security regulations. Dedola Global Logistics can assist you in navigating this process, ensuring your goods are aptly prepared for shipment.

Timeframe for Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping durations can fluctuate based on several factors, including shipment origin and destination, the carrier and route utilized, and any customs clearance requirements. Generally, air freight is faster than other transportation modes, with most shipments arriving within a few days.

Calculating Air Freight Rates

Air freight rates are usually calculated based on the shipment’s weight or volume. Standard formulas are used to determine whether the actual or volume weight is applicable. The shipment’s origin and destination, the carrier and route used, and any additional services required, such as customs clearance or specific location delivery, are also factors to consider when calculating costs.

Required Documentation for Air Freight Shipping

The documentation required for air freight shipping can vary based on the shipment’s origin and destination, and the type of goods being shipped. Common documentation includes a commercial invoice, a packing list, and any necessary permits or licenses. Dedola can assist you in navigating these requirements and ensure all necessary documentation is prepared.

Customs’ Role in Air Freight Shipping

Customs is critical in air freight shipping, responsible for verifying that all imported and exported goods adhere to applicable regulations and restrictions. This includes goods inspection, duties and taxes collection, and enforcing trade agreements and embargoes. We can assist you in navigating the customs clearance process and ensure your goods comply with all relevant regulations.

Resolving Issues or Concerns with Your Air Freight Shipment

If you encounter any issues or concerns with your air freight shipment, immediately contact your air freight forwarder to discuss the issue and work toward a solution. Dedola’s air freight experts have established procedures for addressing problems and filing damage or loss claims, and we will work with you to ensure your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Choosing an Air Freight Forwarder

When selecting an air freight forwarder, consider their experience and expertise in the air freight sector, and their ability to offer tailored shipping solutions to meet your specific needs. Their carrier network and their ability to secure the best rates and space allocations for your shipments should also be considered.

Our Benefits

Why Choose Dedola Global Logistics

Swift and Efficient Shipping

Dedola Global Logistics ensures swift and efficient shipping solutions, guaranteeing the timely and safe delivery of your goods and assets.

In-depth Expertise and Knowledge

Our team of seasoned professionals possesses comprehensive knowledge of the air freight industry, offering customized logistics services and solutions to cater to our clients’ specific needs.

Access to an International Network of Airlines

With established relationships with a global network of airlines, Dedola Global Logistics enables shippers to choose from a variety of air transportation options and secure the best possible rates and space allocations.

Flexible Payment Methods

We provide various flexible payment options, including prepaid, collect, and third-party billing, and strive to understand and accommodate our clients’ specific payment needs.

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

Through our TrakitPro program, we offer real-time tracking and monitoring of air freight shipments. This enables shippers to track their goods’ progress in transit and receive updates on their location and estimated arrival time. TrakItPRO offers comprehensive tools to help shippers streamline their shipping process, reduce costs, and improve the visibility and control of their cargo shipment.

Comprehensive Documentation Management

We offer a comprehensive documentation management service, handling all aspects of the documentation process, ensuring all regulations and requirements are met.

Tailored Shipping Solutions

Dedola Global Logistics works closely with our clients to understand their specific shipping needs, providing tailored air freight solutions that cater to their unique requirements.

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Overall, employing Dedola Global Logistics for your air or ocean freight forwarding needs provides efficient and reliable shipping solutions tailored to your requirements, while ensuring compliance with regulations. Since our establishment in 1976, our wealth of experience and knowledge has benefited our clients and has been shared through our informative blog posts. If you have additional queries, please reach out via our toll-free sales number 877-598-5094 or 562-594-8988 if in the Long Beach area, or schedule a consultation through our contact page. We eagerly look forward to serving your import and export needs worldwide!

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