Air Freight Tracking

Freight transportation is a risky endeavor, especially when it has to move through perilous conditions on road, air, and waterways. Air shipments especially come with a few risks, which is why it is important to be careful about whom you trust your freight with and how you track it. When you’ve entrusted someone with precious goods, you will want to know the status of the cargo at all times for your peace of mind, knowing that it is en route to its destination. 

Dedola Logistics can help you track freight when it hits the skies. With our cutting-edge solutions and services, you can keep tabs on your freight’s status as it travels from one part of the world to another. Schedule a meeting to start working with us and learn about our methods. 

All You Need To Know About Air Freight Tracking

Air cargo tracking consists of tracking the movement of your air cargo by collaborating with the freight forwarder until it reaches its destination in one piece. It is a critical aspect of the supply chain and is the only way to ensure that your cargo is safe at all times. The tracking begins from the first mile of the journey and is monitored all the way to the final destination, so you’re aware of its location at all times. 

While it may sound very straightforward, tracking air freight is easier said than done. There are several problems that trackers with inadequate resources face while monitoring the movement of the aircraft, such as insufficient data because of a lack of tracking technology. The scarcity of data poses a huge risk, but with the improvement of tracking systems, the gap between action and awareness has closed significantly, making it quicker and easier to monitor the status of the cargo.


Why Is Air Freight Tracking Important?

You may wonder why companies spend money to have their cargo closely monitored while in aerial transit. The reason is that air freight is prone to many dangers. From the moment it leaves the ground, it becomes susceptible to elements that can damage the cargo, leading to organizational losses. The freight can get lost if it is not properly tracked. Here are some of the risks faced by air freight:

  • Delay at the take-off from the stopover
  • Lack of visibility in the skies
  • Detention by the authorities at the airport 
  • Mishandling of the cargo at stopovers at airports 
  • Goods might get damaged
  • Issues with the paperwork 
  • Sanctions and validations 
  • Customs delays 
  • Rescheduling or rerouting for several reasons 
  • Absence of DIFOT/OTIF 

These are only a few of the risks and more than enough reasons to make tracking cargo supremely important. Since the cargo will often change hands before it reaches the final consumer, it is important to keep tabs on the goods before the final leg of the journey. This is where the air cargo tracking system of Dedola Logistics comes in. We are a logistics company that can help you track your freight until it reaches its final destination safe and sound. 

Freight Tracking System 

A well-oiled air cargo tracking system allows you to monitor the movement of your cargo as it travels the skies to reach its destination. This way, you know about any delays as soon as they happen and can adjust your plans accordingly. If there are any issues with paperwork, you’d know about it due to the prolonged stoppage of the freight. If there is no efficient tracking system in place, detecting such issues would become impossible, as you’d be completely blind to the consignment’s status or ETA. 

Dedola Logistics can help you navigate your shipment while it makes its way to its destination from the air. Our solutions guarantee a smooth supply chain management flow and ensure streamlined services. Contact us now if you want your cargo to be transported via a flight to anywhere in the world. We operate in 190 countries. 


What Does Air Freight Tracking Cover?

When your air shipment takes off, there are certain things that you can monitor to keep abreast of its journey to its destination. That way, you know the precise location of your cargo at all times. Here is a summary of what you can monitor with a freight tracker and what you can’t. 

What You Can Monitor

  • Location of the flight: From take-off to landing, you can closely monitor the location of the flight and see how long it will take to reach the destination. If there is a stoppage, you will know about it as soon as it occurs. 
  • Empower EDI-based scans: You can smoothly go through the EDI-based scans at the airports and ship documents with considerable ease. 

What You Can’t Monitor

  • Visibility of the first and the last mile: The visibility of the first and the last mile is restricted. Hence, you may miss some key information along the way.
  • Condition of the goods: While you know the precise location of the cargo, y the state of the goods is unknown. If the goods get damaged along the way for some reason, you won’t know about it.  

Dedola Logistics

Dedola Logistics is an air freight forwarder that can guarantee safe air shipment of your cargo. Regardless of the size of the cargo, we can get it delivered to its final destination, all the while ensuring that you can monitor it closely. With our efficient and reliable transportation, you can relax knowing that your shipment will land at its destination safely within the designated period. You can trust us with all kinds of shipments, so schedule a call with us so we can get to work for you. 

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