Air Freight Tracking

Since shipping via air happens so fast, if there are any changes, you need to know quickly. Tracking your shipment’s progress means being able to alert your customer when something happens; however, if you’re tracking it manually via email, phone or Excel, you may not find out about delays until it’s too late.

You need a service that alerts you to changes, status updates, and milestones, keeping you current on where your product is in the shipping process. That’s what the TrakIt system from Dedola Global Logistics does for you. You no longer have to email or call someone to find out where your product is — TrakIt enables you to see every step of your shipment process, from when it leaves the airport to when it arrives. Trakit’s scheduled notifications alert you to any changes in the status of your shipment, giving you clear visibility and timely information.

TrakIt enables you to focus on other key areas of your business.

TrackIt Highlights

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sort shipments by origin, shipment time, mode, supplier, PO, and more
  • Customizable — make TrakIt meet your specific business requirements
  • Export your data to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and more
  • Get notifications about transportation updates hourly, once a day or twice daily
  • Get notifications about any changes to arrivals, with explanations

Customer Service At Your Fingertips

Have a question or concern about your air freight? Send an email straight from the TrakIt system that automatically references your shipment number and is sent directly to our customer service team. During normal business hours, expect a response to your email within moments.

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