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Transloading: A Comprehensive Guide With Client Examples 

Transloading is a process that involves transferring cargo from one mode of transportation to another during the shipping process. This can be useful for long-distance shipments that require multiple forms of transportation, as it allows for the use of the most cost-effective and efficient routes. Transloading can also minimize the risk of cargo damage, provide transportation flexibility, and reduce the time a shipment spends in transit.

Types of Transloading

Several different methods of transloading can be used depending on the specific needs of a shipment. The most common are:

  1. Cross-docking: This method involves the transloading of cargo without intermediate storage. This can be an efficient method, as it allows for the rapid transfer of goods without the need for additional handling or storage.
  2. Break-bulk: This method involves the transloading of cargo using intermediate storage. It is often used when dealing with large or bulky cargo that cannot be easily transloaded without the need for intermediate storage. For example, a shipment of heavy machinery may be transloaded from a cargo ship to a truck using a break-bulk method, with the machinery being stored temporarily in a warehouse before being loaded onto the truck for the final leg of the journey.

How Dedola Global Logistics (DGL) Optimizes the Transloading Process

At DGL, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients and with our asset-based trucking partners. By working with reputable carriers who own their trucks, we can provide reliable and efficient transportation services to our clients. We are proud to have a network of asset-based trucking partners that we have developed over the years, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. We prioritize tracking and monitoring our shipments, and providing end-to-end visibility through our client portal, TrakItPro. We are proud to say that we’ve had no losses or delays in 2022 due to our partnerships with top-quality trucking companies.

Case Studies: DGL’s Successful Transloading Strategies for Clients in Various Industries

As a leading logistics provider, DGL has a wealth of experience in the field of transloading and has helped numerous clients successfully transport their cargo from one mode of transportation to another. This case study will delve into some of our most notable transloading success stories.

Restaurant and Catering Supplies Manufacturer

A leading supplier of restaurant and catering products in the US faced a critical inventory shortage of specific products needed for several large orders with tight deadlines. The products were located in Shenzhen, China, but due to a lack of available truck drivers and empty containers, and the 22-23 day sea transportation time to Long Beach available at that time, the client was in danger of missing their deadlines.

The client needed a solution that would allow them to quickly and cost-effectively transport their products from Shenzhen to Long Beach in order to meet their tight deadlines and save several lucrative deals.

Our team at Dedola Global Logistics utilized our impeccable partners in Shanghai to secure a driver and empty container, obtained an export license, and quickly transported the cargo from Shenzhen to Shanghai. We then arranged for the expedited shipment, which arrived at our warehouse in Long Beach just 12 days later.

In order to further streamline the process and save our client time and money, we proposed using cross-docking transloading. Instead of using rail to transport the shipment from Long Beach to Texas and Tennessee, we urged the client to allow us to cross-dock the shipment. This involved taking the container from the port by truck to our nearby warehousing facility, where we loaded the products onto domestic dry vans.

Thanks to our quick thinking and creative solution, the client was able to meet their deadlines, receive their products ahead of schedule, and save several lucrative deals. They were also able to do so at a minimal additional cost compared to other shipping methods.

Athletic Wear Apparel Brand

Our client, a well-known national athletic wear brand, was facing significant delays and increased costs due to rail congestion and worker shortages. Their products were being transported to the busiest rail yard in Chicago, but orders were being delayed by 30-60 days during their busiest time of year. This could have had a significant impact on their profits.

We conducted a cost analysis of truck vs. rail shipping from Long Beach to Chicago. Our analysis determined that a cross-docking operation, with a minimal cost increase, would drastically reduce their transit time to just 6-7 days, including the time needed for palletization and shrink-wrap. With the client’s trust and support, and with a dedicated team and network of reliable partners, we implemented a successful transloading strategy that helped our client have a successful holiday season.

The case illustrates how a thorough analysis and a well thought out transloading strategy can help a business overcome shipping delays and increased costs, leading to a successful outcome. The client was able to meet the demands for their products and grow their business by 60% through our dedicated team and network of reliable partners.

Trendy Fast-Fashion Apparel Brand

Our apparel client, a trendy fast-fashion brand, was struggling with challenges at every stage of their shipping process. Their main headquarters was located in the middle of the country and they heavily relied on rail transportation, which was also very costly. They reached out to us as supply chain consultants to see if it would be economically feasible and beneficial to move their warehousing to California and Arizona.

We began by creating a roadmap for conversion and identifying the best warehousing options and partners. We also devised a more efficient cross-docking operation and found additional air shipping routes to their existing warehouses.

Through our consulting, planning, and execution, the transition was seamless and our client was now meeting all their transit time goals while enjoying new financial and tax incentives. We used transloading to efficiently transport their products from the ports to their new warehouses and quickly distribute them from their new locations. The client was able to save money on transportation costs and was able to get their products to their customers faster. Our solutions proved to be a success and the client was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Medical Supplies and Devices Supplier

Our medical supplies and devices client was facing a major problem with their shipments being delayed at rail ports. The high-value cargo, including expensive and delicate devices and machinery, was at risk of being lost or damaged. They reached out to us for help and we were able to develop a custom transloading strategy to address their unique challenges.

We recommended switching from rail to cross-docking operations as a mode of transportation, this would reroute the cargo and avoid congested rail ports. We also shrink-wrapped the cargo to provide an extra layer of protection during transit at the stopover warehousing facility. Additionally, we worked closely with our asset-based trucking partners to ensure that the shipments were delivered on time and according to the agreed-upon deadlines.

Thanks to our timely and sophisticated assistance, our medical supplies and devices client was able to avoid lost orders and millions in lost profits. Our custom transloading strategy allowed them to transport their cargo safely and efficiently, ensuring that their high-value loads arrived at their destination on time. This was a major win for our client, as they were able to continue to meet the demands of their customers and remain competitive in the industry.


Strategic use transloading is one of many ways Dedola adds value to our clients’ supply chain. From helping a restaurant and catering supplies manufacturer meet strict deadlines, to assisting an apparel brand cut transit time and increase profits, to devising a custom transloading strategy for a medical supplies and devices supplier, Dedola has consistently demonstrated the ability to find innovative solutions for its clients.

Our extensive network of asset-based trucking partners and state-of-the-art customer portal, TrakItPro, allows us to provide top-notch tracking and communication throughout the transportation process. Our commitment to loyalty, long-lasting relationships, and dependability have helped us build a strong reputation in the industry.

If you’re looking for a freight forwarder who can handle all logistics and supply chain phases, look no further than Dedola. Contact us today at (800) 561-0399 for a free consultation and comprehensive quote. Experience the Dedola Difference and see how we can help your business succeed.

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