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At Dedola Global Logistics, we have prided ourselves on being customer and relationship-focused since 1976. Being customer-focused means doing absolutely everything possible to ensure our clients are getting the best service start to finish with every shipment. That means we put in the necessary time and effort to ensure that our shippers’ cargo reaches its destination flawlessly, without surprises, delays, or additional fees or costs. We do this without adding any stress or requiring more effort from our customers. Our proven track record and strong relationships between us and our clients, our agents, partners, and carriers build trust. We create and refine strategies and solutions that make everyone’s business more seamless and successful.

Who tracks every customer’s shipment from when it leaves the supplier’s factories and ensures that all documentation is in perfect order? Who arranges for secured space on vessels, timely drayage to the load-port, fast customs processing, and transport from point A to Z without a hitch? Our Operations Team.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how our Operations Team sets itself apart from all the others.

Responsibilities and Functions of Freight Forwarder Operations for Shippers

Before the Cargo is Ready

DGL Operations Team starts when a shipment is still in the supplier’s facility. We track the PO status to determine shipment readiness, helping our clients manage their supply chain. Our proactive approach ensures a smooth start to the shipment process.

Being Proactive, Finding Efficiencies and Solving Problems for all clients

We look for the best options for all our customers. We identify all alternative ocean and air routes from port to port, offering the most efficient transport modes for each phase, including expedited and fast boat services.

We treat every customer the same whether they’ve been with us for 15 years or are just starting to use our services. Listen to our customer video testimonials to hear the ways we’ve help clients new and established optimize their supply chain.

Outperforms During Challenging Times and Crises

During challenging times, your freight forwarder should always be trying to offer solutions. They should never say, “that’s just the way it is.”  For instance, in Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021, COVID-19 related space and equipment shortages have presented some of the biggest challenges in recent years. During this time, DGL has been able to help over 95% of our customers secure space.

DGL’s Ops team, with an average of 5 to 15 years of experience, doesn’t shy away from crises and challenges. Our staff has the expertise and foresight to overcome any logistical challenge.

Our Operations team has helped importers find new options for both ocean and air freight services in these unprecedented times. We have an expansive air and ocean carriers network to find alternatives where other freight forwarders may not. We can provide flexibility when there are space and equipment issues. Whether it’s alternative routes or alternative modes of transportation, our operations team will find our clients’ options. We not only find solutions and secure space, but we keep your cargo moving. We have an open dialogue with our carriers and agents. They look out for us while we are looking out for you.

Also, during these unstable times, we consistently communicate with our customers. We keep up a continual dialogue; whether one-on-one or via regular email alerts, you will know the industry’s status. Since October 2020, we’ve been advising and consulting about congestion issues, space limitations, and cost savings options for clients old and new alike.

Our customers don’t have to worry and wonder, which is priceless in the importing process. We use every mode of communication available to keep you informed about your shipment status. We can maintain this information flow because we get automatic updates from our carriers and follow-up using the same communication modes. We have offices in the US and China that provide virtually around-the-clock coverage.

With the continued shortage of space and equipment, our solid, long-term relationships have never been more critical. We ensure that our customers have up-to-date cargo info when they need it. Our Ops team will often spend hours on the phone to confirm an ETA or track a shipment. We do what it takes to make sure we have the most accurate data in an ever-changing environment.

Getting Shipments through Customs

When it comes to getting shipments through customs, a good Operations team will set you up for success long before arrival at the discharge port. At DGL, this is a seamless part of the process. Our clients can rest assured we perform this task with impeccable care. We ensure that all documentation is accurate and provided to the entry writer well ahead of time –often pre-clearing shipments ahead of the vessel ETA. This proven process saves our clients time and money, avoiding unnecessary communication and expensive errors. We track the customs release and keep you informed of the status and next steps in the pickup and delivery process.

Picking up at the port / Trucking

Getting your cargo picked up at the port should be a turn-key process –just another link in the supply chain. However, we often hear from shippers switching to Dedola that they are hit with demurrage fees because their forwarder was not on top of things.

It’s always best to have an Ops team that treats you like a top priority and has the right partners in place to do the job efficiently. We only work with drayage and trucking companies with long track records of excellent service. Our trucking partners understand the exceptionally high customer service level we provide, and they know this is our number one priority. Through the crisis, we haven’t had a single customer pay demurrage due to avoidable delays. Our new customers leaving the big publicly-traded forwarders and tech-fancy e-Forwarders cite this as one reason they switched to Dedola.

We’ve proven ourselves in some challenging destinations –like Chicago in the winter months. Heavy snowfall and single-digit or below-zero temperatures make consistent on-time delivery hard to achieve. We’ve heard stories of failures from customers who previously used other forwarders. Our draymen and truckers have maintained 100% on-time deliveries in the Chicago area even under these harsh conditions.


DGL has an operations team in Shanghai, China. Having an on-the-ground presence in China provides superior support to the clients we serve. Our Shanghai office is the backbone of our supply-side operations, working for our customers while the US team sleeps.

Our Shanghai team has developed strong relationships with suppliers and factories across China. They reach out to the suppliers and visit their factories, establishing strong rapport. These local relationships help to optimize your supply chain, with all stakeholders and service-providers doing their part. The result is a delay-free, mishap-free, cohesive system that delivers the best result. The value proposition for our clients becomes clear from the first few shipments with DGL.

Going Above and Beyond

Our Operations team gets the job done, even if that means following up on Saturday because their client’s shipment arrives on Sunday. The supply chain doesn’t stop for weekends, and neither do we. Our Ops team communicates with each driver, so they know when they arrive at your warehouse. We track 24/7 because it works.

Well-rounded Experience as a difference-maker

Why does our Operations team stand head and shoulders above the rest? They are dedicated experts at their jobs for sure. But they’re also completely aware of the logistics process from end to end. They are cross-trained in every aspect of operations so that any member of our staff can handle any situation. They are logistics specialists, yes, but our approach is holistic. We allow them to become fully versed in the needs of many different types of accounts. They have experience with a wide range of commodities and their special requirements. They are empowered, knowledgeable, and can handle any situation.  And they are supported by managers and executives who have literally grown up in the logistics business. The depth and breadth of 45 years of accumulated knowledge and experience is at their fingertips.

Reporting & Tracking

When it comes to reporting, every customer is different. Some clients require shipment counts per day, week, month, and others want to track their landed cost over multiple years. To some, we provide container count and size reports for visibility and analysis. DGL creates customized reports for high-volume importers to improve their visibility on their multiple large-volume shipments each month.

We provide 24/7 tracking though our TrakIt website or contact your dedicated service rep at our US or China headquarters via phone, text, or email. Our TrakIt system includes state-of-the-art dashboards and features that make it easier to quickly access all your shipment information in an organized and visually appealing manner. We believe that you deserve this type of shipment transparency at all times. We have a new TrakIt 2.0 dashboard launching soon, which provides an even more elegant, organized interface and advanced reporting functionality.

The Bottom Line

Shipping challenges can cost your company time and money, ultimately impacting your operation’s efficiency. Our Operations team is unmatched in their skill and commitment, consistently providing outstanding service.

Over the years, DGL has served over 100 industries, 20,000 customers and has transported over 1 million full container loads.

DGL’s mission is to optimize your supply chain. We provide industry-leading customer service and give you access to unparalleled logistics expertise so you can focus on achieving greater success.

You deserve a logistics provider that’s customer-focused and reliable. Switch to DGL and discover the Dedola Difference

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