cargo airplane loadingFocus on FAA Contingency Plans After Chicago Airport Fire – Last week a disgruntled employee set fire to equipment at a Chicago area air traffic control center.  After severe delays at both O’Hare and Midway airports, traffic is beginning to return to normal.  The event has brought concerns about contingency planning for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA expects their systems to be fully operational by the middle of October.

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Maersk’s Low Sulfur Surcharge – Danish carrier Maersk Line announced plans for a low sulfur surcharge (LSS) to help offset the cost of cleaner burning fuels.  New Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will place more restrictions on sulfur beginning in 2015.  Maersk estimates the cost of switching to the new fuel to be roughly $200 million.

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Pro-Democracy Protesters Rally in Hong Kong – Pro-democracy supporters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong to protest Chinese government involvement in the 2017 elections.  Last month, Beijing announced that only approved candidates will be allowed to run for chief executive in Hong Kong.  The protests also coincide with China’s National Day, a typical time of protest in Hong Kong.

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