PierPass Rises, Suez Canal Attack Avoided, United Grounds Flights - TWIGL

truck in line at portPierPass Will Raise Fees – PierPass fees will rise from $66.50 to $69.17 per TEU next month. Higher labor costs due to the new longshore contract are the reason for the increase. PierPass has been around for 10 years and has led to more than 50% of truck traffic to shift to off-peak hours.

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Suez Canal Attack Avoided – Egypt has arrested 13 Muslim Brotherhood members suspected of planting bombs around the Suez Canal.  The plan was allegedly to disrupt the busy shipping channel where 18,000 ships transit annually, accounting for 10% of worldwide maritime traffic.  The canal is currently undergoing an $8 billion expansion program scheduled to be completed in August.

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Tech Glitch Grounds United Flights – United Airlines flights were grounded for 2 hours on Wednesday after an apparent router problem caused their computer systems to go down.  United has suffered occasional high-profile computer failures since its 2010 merger with Continental.  Once incident in 2012 caused a plane to be loaded 9,100 kg heavier than expected.

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