trakit pro tracking platform


A new era has begun at Dedola Global Logistics with the launch of our newly upgraded shipment tracking and client visibility platform, TrakItPRO. With TrakItPRO, we’ve taken online visibility to a whole new level. Whether you’re a long-term client and TrakIt user, or if you’re looking for a logistics partner providing leading-edge information technology, TrakItPRO will be sure to impress.

The New (Inter)Face of Client Visibility

With TrakItPRO, you can seamlessly and effortlessly streamline your supply chain. Built by technologists, focusing on user experience, a flexible roadmap, and ever-evolving capabilities, TrakItPRO harnesses all the promise of Web 2.0 with a clean interface, elegant graphics, and lightning-fast performance.

VisibilityTrakItPRO gives you superior visibility with one centralized hub for you to manage your entire operation. You’re able to see your shipment data like never before.

Dashboard Overview

With TrakItPRO’s command center dashboard, you will quickly access the most critical high-level information, view and analyze upcoming and active shipments, Watchlist your most urgent shipments, and even view your invoices. This dashboard gives you a centralized view of everything you ship through DGL.


Speed of Information – Real-time information regarding your shipments and inventory is available 24/7 whenever you log in.

Communication and Control – Our platform allows you to interact with our team in a user-friendly place. Each member of your team can control how they view data with personal dashboards. Management options will enable you to manage each user’s data access.

Shipment Details

Shipment Details give you access to status, ETA/ATA, carrier information, cargo information, and documents related to the shipment. You will be able to access the details quickly and efficiently. There will be less of a need to call or email your customer service rep or sales rep asking, “Where’s my shipment? Has my shipment cleared? Is my shipment on time?’ –because you’ll have instant access to those answers 24/7.


Other Features

Real-time data and analytics, automated reports, statements of account. All designed to help you stay informed, make better decisions, and take the burden off your team.

Data analytics in real-time



Account statements with drill-down details


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At DGL, we listen to our clients and always strive to optimize every aspect of the logistics process. With our most recent version of TrakIt, DGL has take customer focus to another level. TrakItPRO is a best-in-class tracking system and client visibility platform!

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