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Does Your Commodity Optimize Air Freight Transportation?

(Part 1 of a 2 Part Blog Series)

Dedola Global Logistics has been a leading provider of intermodal cargo shipping since 1976 and has partnered with airfreight clients across a variety of industries. DGL has thrived by offering a broad range of services that help our clients efficiently navigate an increasingly complex supply chain.

Our clients range from first-time, fledgling startups to established and seasoned importers. We offer end-to-end logistics services, including ocean, air, road, rail, warehousing, and distribution.

Our mission is to help our clients optimize their supply chain. We’ve continuously delivered on that mission for clients, both big and small, helping them navigate the supply chain disruptions of the past two years.

Air Freight is in Our DNA

Over our 4+ decades in logistics, we’ve logged many miles shipping by air and, over the years,  have seen which goods regularly go via this premium service. In this 2-part blog, we’ll discuss the following shortlist of commodities: toys, medical supplies, cosmetics, apparel, electronics, lighting fixtures, and musical instruments.

Part 1 focuses on toys, medical products, and cosmetics.

Air Freight is Trending

Here’s what we’ve seen over the past few years:

  • Airfreight volume topped 61.5 million in 2017, and that number is only increasing as the supply chain crisis deepens. Businesses are looking for alternatives to congested ocean shipping networks.
  • During the December holiday season, demand spikes, followed by the Chinese New Year, leading more companies to use airfreight to keep their supply chain moving.
  • In 2022, more companies have been and will be turning to airfreight, and space is at a premium. Early booking has become a must.

How to Optimize Airfreight

Here are some best practices for shipping by air, no matter the commodity:

  • Clear labeling – format and details count
  • Accurate documentation – accurate commercial invoices are a must!
  • Proper Packaging Methods and Restriction Awareness – avoid recycled fiberboard
  • Size Matters – know your length and weight restrictions

Which Goods Get the Most Out of Air?

Toys are Time-sensitive

Toy demand in the US has remained high, even increased, during the COVID shutdown and quarantine. The supply chain crisis has made getting these in-demand items to the end-user challenging, particularly during the holiday season.

Some stats:

  • Toy imports were at a 3-year high in 2020, which continued through 2021.
  • According to an industry trade group, total toy sales increased 16.7% to $32.6 billion last year.
  • This trend continues in 2022, and the spike in demand has coincided with significant port congestion, space and equipment shortages, and ocean carriers requiring minimum quantity commitments and cancellation fees.

These factors make airfreight a reliable, even cost-effective, option for toy importers.

Medical Supplies Have Top Priority

As the COVID crisis unfolded, medical supply shipments required a significant amount of the available airfreight space. The considerable advantage of air shipping is that it arrives faster than other forms of transportation. Fast transit time is a tremendous benefit when talking about life-saving personal protective equipment (PPE), vaccines, ventilators, and other critical medical supplies.

Logistics companies like DGL have played a significant role in providing first-line responders with the needed equipment. We have successfully secured space and provided real-time information to our medical supply clients.

Cosmetics are Always in Demand

Airfreight carriers charge based on volume weight, and less-dense products, such as cosmetics, have a distinct advantage, particularly:

  • Shower and bath products
  • Fragrances
  • Haircare products
  • Skincare products
  • Beauty products

Robust and durable packaging is essential when moving cosmetics via air. DGL advises our clients on all aspects of the shipping process and provides 24/7 visibility.

Airfreight moves fast, so every detail and every moment counts.

We’ve Optimized our Network

Efficient airfreight shipping requires a reliable network of carriers and facilities. We’ve built and optimized our network over the past 46 years and helped our clients succeed in ways that less focused and less experienced companies cannot.

We are proud of our track record and how our commitment to excellence has helped our clients gain a competitive advantage during these challenging times.

The Stakes Are High – Why Not Hedge Your Bet?

The bottom line is that air freight comes at a premium, so you need to trust that your logistics team will deliver. Dedola Global Logistics has the network, the experience, and the single-minded focus your unique supply chain requires. Dedola delivers.

If you want to learn more about air freight, contact us today, and discover the Dedola Difference.

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