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DGL Takes Cybersecurity Very Seriously 

News about high-profile companies falling victim to cyber-attacks is all over the news media and the internet.

Many receive emails alerting them of a data breach at their favorite mega-store or insurance company that exposed their personal information. It might seem like cyber criminals only target large companies and organizations –but that’s not the case.  

Today, companies of all sizes are experiencing cyberattacks, leading to data breaches and system failures. Cybercriminals know that many small and medium-sized companies lag in protecting their network infrastructure. Many companies think they are safe or that safeguards are too expensive. Neither is true. 

According to Forbes, a recent study finds that cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. Almost a quarter of companies targeted by cyberattacks suffer losses of $50,000 to $99,000. Another 22% lost between $100,000 and $499,000. These attacks are a severe problem and can cripple a business.  

Dedola Global Logistics recognizes that protecting the integrity of our operational systems and data is critical to our company and the clients who depend on us.  

High Profile Organizations Have Recently Fallen Victim to Attacks 

High-profile entities such as Uber, Toyota, LA Public Schools, Expeditors, and OmniCell have all recently fallen victim to cyberattacks. In Feb. 2022, a major multi-billion-dollar public freight forwarding company was hacked and forced to shut down for eight days with no access to data. Their customers’ were in limbo, unable to access their cargo status. The attack cost the company billions.  

Dedola Takes Cybersecurity Seriously 

Dedola has partnered with the outstanding Cybersecurity experts at Ottimo Solutions to create a multi-layered approach to security that protects the company inside and out. We have safeguards in place to protect our sensitive data. We have robust protections for our clients’ most sensitive communications, documentation, and financial information.  

CIS (Center for Internet Security) Framework – Largely regarded internationally as the gold standard for cybersecurity policies and procedures. Together with our security partners, we enforce security measures in compliance with the CIS framework to comprehensively defend our organization.

The steps we take to protect both your company and ours:  

  • End Point Protection for Our Staff and Computers – We use leading-edge software to protect our staff and their devices from cyber-attacks. It protects our computers from malicious downloads through quarantine, neutralization, and remediation. We use this software to monitor all computers at our company. 
  • Browser Protection – Our staff is always protected on the web, even while working remotely. We deployed URL-blocking software to keep our team safe from links that install harmful software and spoofed sites designed to capture sensitive data.
  • Email Protection – We implemented email filtration powered by advanced AI to keep malicious emails out of our inboxes. If any malicious email gets through, we have post-delivery software that detects and alerts our team of the potential threat. In the unlikely event that an intruder compromises an account and tries to send an email to a customer, our software will detect the anomaly and block it from sending. We use encryption software for inbound and outbound email data protection. Outbound emails containing sensitive information are automatically encrypted.
  • Data Backup – We’ve taken extra steps to ensure our staff’s data is recoverable in the event of a loss.
  • Safeguarding Passwords and MFA – Passwords are all unique, complex, and securely stored in vaulted password management software, keeping them safe from potential threats. In addition, multi-factor authentication ensures that even when someone obtains a password, access is nearly impossible without the proper authentication device.
  • A Security Operations Center – We partnered with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Our SOC combines AI with expert security analysts that monitor our cloud and local environments looking for vulnerabilities and malicious activities so that we can remedy any incidents before it is too late.
  • Security Training for our Team – More than 80% of security breaches involve human error. To mitigate our risk, we are launching a Cybersecurity education program that trains our team to recognize threats and handle sensitive information safely.
  • Open Authorization Online – We use a sophisticated, secure data protocol system to allow a website or application to access resources hosted by other web apps on behalf of the user. Apps can use this to provide client applications with secure delegated access. It fortifies the connection bridge between our applications with end-to-end security measures. 

Our cybersecurity provider partner, Ottimo Solutions, provides the security measures above and more.  

Conclusion: Partner With a Company that Values Cybersecurity 

Clients who choose Dedola as their freight forwarder quickly understand what we mean when we talk about “The Dedola Difference.” It encompasses our continual consultative approach, our commitment to optimizing your supply chain, and 24/7 dedicated client support. DGL provides you with the industry’s best cargo tracking and client portal. At DGL, you can have confidence that your critical data is safe and that our security protocols protect us from system failures.  

The logistics industry is complex, so it’s critical to partner with a provider that has a proven track record. Dedola has spent the last 46 years building a reputation for secure, transparent, and comprehensive logistics services. We deliver.

Contact us today or call (855) 893-1634 for a free quote.  

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