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What to Know About Triangle Shipping

Triangle shipping, also known as foreign-to-foreign shipping, involves transporting goods between three countries in a single transaction. This type of shipping can be complex, with multiple parties involved, including the importer, the exporter, and the freight forwarder. To ensure that your goods are shipped efficiently and cost-effectively, it’s essential to choose the right freight forwarder for your triangle shipments.

When selecting a freight forwarder for triangle shipments, it’s essential to consider several key factors.

  1. Expertise in Triangle Shipping: Choose a freight forwarder with experience with triangle shipping to ensure they possess the required knowledge and expertise. Inquire if they currently handle triangle shipping for any clients and their track record with these projects.
  2. Shipping Routes and Carriers: Evaluating a freight forwarder’s shipping routes and carrier partnerships is essential, as it can significantly affect the cost and speed of your shipments. Who are their partners? Will their routes meet your needs?
  3. Reputation and Customer Service: Pick a reputable freight forwarder with a good industry standing and superior customer service. Request references and testimonials to ensure that they have a proven track record.
  4. Review Service Terms: Carefully scrutinize the terms of service offered, and pay attention to any hidden fees or surcharges. Are they transparent with costs and fees? How do their costs measure up against other forwarders?

Decades of Experience with Triangle Shipping

Dedola has been providing high-touch, premium freight forwarding services for five decades. With our extensive experience and expertise in triangle shipping, we understand the complexities involved and know how to handle them with ease. Our team is well-versed in international trade laws and regulations and thoroughly understands the shipping process.

We have a vast network of partners and trusted agents in various countries, allowing us to offer a range of shipping options that suit your needs. We have established relationships with multiple carriers, ensuring that your shipments are handled cost-effectively and delivered on time.

At Dedola, we understand the importance of customer service. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible and will go the extra mile to ensure that your shipments are handled efficiently. We are responsive to your needs and are always here to answer any questions or concerns, continually consultative throughout our relationship.

We also understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to triangle shipments. Our clients trust us to protect their private information and business interests, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our network of partners and agents is fully aware of the importance of confidentiality, and we ensure that the information is always kept private.

Triangle Shipment Case Studies

Let’s take a look at two examples of how we have successfully handled triangle shipments for our clients:

Hotel Supplies Producer

One of our clients is a large producer of hotel supplies based in the US. Their account is in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and their manufacturer is in China. To protect our client’s business interests, we use a bill of lading switch while the cargo is on the water, naming the shipper as the company in the US. Our network of trusted partners and agents understand the importance of confidentiality and help us execute customs clearance, arrange cargo holding, and truck the load to its final destination.

Electronics Parts

Another client of ours is an electronics parts supplier based in the US, manufacturing in China. The parts must go to Taiwan for final assembly before being distributed worldwide. With our strong network in Asia and operations team in China, we ensured that this delicate triangle shipment operation went smoothly. We shipped the parts to Hong Kong and used another party in China, ensuring that the shipments kept moving without a hitch. We only shared necessary documents with our client throughout the process and ensured total confidentiality.

In conclusion, choosing the right freight forwarder is crucial for triangle shipments. Dedola has the experience, expertise, and network to handle your loads smoothly and efficiently. Our team provides you with the best customer service and ensures that your shipments are delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your triangle shipments.

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