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Efficient and reliable planning form the backbone that supports the growing demands of a global customer base. While many e-commerce businesses often default to courier services for smaller or express deliveries, there’s an added dimension to logistics through freight forwarding. This includes ocean containers and air cargo. Let’s explore how e-commerce companies can use freight forwarders to enhance their logistics operations, focusing on air and ocean freight, consolidation services, and warehousing.

Embracing the Power of Air and Ocean Freight 

Ocean Freight: The Economic Powerhouse Ocean freight offers a cost-efficient method for e-commerce businesses to transport large volumes of goods. It is useful for products that are not time-sensitive due to their longer transit times than air freight. By partnering with freight forwarders for ocean shipping, e-commerce companies can tap into a network of shipping lines, offering more routing options, transit times, and often more competitive pricing. Freight forwarders manage the complexities of international shipping, including customs clearance and documentation, creating a smoother process.

Air Freight: The Quick Solution for Urgent Deliveries When time is critical, air freight is the preferred mode of transport. It’s perfect for high-value, low-volume goods, or products with a limited shelf life. Freight forwarders provide space on aircraft and the necessary expertise to navigate the complexities of air cargo. They manage different countries’ regulations and security measures and ensure faster customs clearance, essential for e-commerce businesses with time-sensitive deliveries.

Consolidation Services: Enhancing Efficiency While Cutting Costs Freight forwarders often provide consolidation services, combining smaller shipments from several clients into one larger shipment. This is particularly useful for e-commerce companies that do not have enough products to fill an entire container. Consolidation can significantly lower shipping costs and lead to more efficient space and resource use, supporting more sustainable logistics practices.

Expedited Ocean Freight Service “Fast Boat” For when standard ocean freight isn’t fast enough, and air freight is too costly, expedited ocean freight services offer a middle ground. Our “Fast Boat” service provides faster transit times, such as 12 days from Shanghai to Long Beach, including one day for port clearance. We ensure the freight is pre-cleared during the voyage and devanned immediately upon arrival, providing VIP ocean transport experience.

Warehousing: A Strategic Advantage Warehousing is a vital service freight forwarders offer, significantly benefiting e-commerce companies. Efficient warehousing near significant ports or logistics hubs can reduce transportation costs and improve shipping times. Freight forwarders often provide additional warehousing services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and packaging, further streamlining e-commerce businesses’ supply chains.

The Strength of Our Alliance Partnership Program We have built a domestic and international network of partners across various logistics and supply chain sectors. These partners include customs brokers, consultants, warehousing, trucking companies, and drayage services.

For e-commerce brands seeking advanced warehousing management systems, we connect you to partners servicing our clients. We also ensure your cargo reaches the 3PL of your choice, setting you up for long-term success with a strong, optimized supply chain.

Enhanced Logistics Operations By collaborating with a freight forwarder, e-commerce companies can improve their logistics in several ways:

  1. Customized Solutions: Freight forwarders offer solutions tailored to each e-commerce business’s unique needs, from finding the quickest shipment routes to handling special goods or oversized cargo.
  2. Expertise and Experience: Freight forwarders contribute extensive logistics knowledge, simplifying the complexities of international shipping for e-commerce companies.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Consolidated shipments and optimized routes provided by freight forwarders can lead to more economical shipping options, essential for maintaining a competitive edge.
  4. Risk Management: Freight forwarders can help mitigate the risks of international shipping, such as delays, damage, or loss.
  5. Technology Integration: Many forwarders use advanced technology to track and manage shipments, offering e-commerce businesses real-time control over their logistics.

In conclusion, while courier services offer convenience and reliable service, freight forwarders offer added benefits for ocean and air cargo that can significantly boost your supply chain’s efficiency. As the e-commerce sector evolves, a freight forwarder becomes a critical competitive strategy.

With over a decade of experience servicing e-commerce brands, DGL is your go-to international freight forwarder for optimizing your supply chain. Schedule some time with one of our experts to discuss your shipping needs.