ocean freight cargo containers sitting at port

Importing into the U.S. is no small task, and at DGL, we go beyond the basics of ocean and air freight. Our suite of value-added services caters to clients with specific needs, offering personalized solutions that streamline the import process, cut costs, and align perfectly with your business requirements. We tailor our services based on your freight volumes, specific metrics, and custom criteria.

Landed Cost Analysis

For informed decision-making, a clear understanding of import costs is essential. DGL’s in-depth landed cost analysis provides full visibility into the total cost of your shipments, encompassing tariffs, taxes, and additional fees. Our goal is to empower your business with the transparency needed for effective financial planning and strategic operations.

Expert Commodity Consulting

The complexities of commodity trading and anti-dumping regulations require expert navigation. DGL links you with industry-leading consultants, ensuring your business is equipped with advanced knowledge to safeguard against unforeseen legal and financial challenges.

Purchase Order Management

Efficiency is key in managing your purchase orders. DGL’s dedicated team takes on this intricate task, ensuring precision from the initial order to the final delivery, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Confidentiality in Customs Handling

DGL upholds the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. We are adept at crafting and managing non-disclosure documents with customs, ensuring your sensitive information is securely protected throughout the import process.

Specialized Financing Options

Understanding the financial hurdles of importing, DGL provides unique financing options to alleviate the strain on cash flow. Eligible clients enjoy extended payment terms on all transport charges, including duties and taxes, for up to 60 days, enhancing your financial flexibility.

HTS Code Research

Accurate HTS code classification is vital to prevent unnecessary expenses and penalties. Our experts are dedicated to detailed HTS code research, assuring compliance and cost minimization for your imports.

Global Sourcing and Distribution Partnering

As global trade dynamics shift, finding alternative manufacturing and distribution channels becomes essential. DGL excels in connecting with reliable partners both in and outside China, helping you navigate tariffs, including those under Section 301, and refining your supply chain for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


At DGL, our commitment to excellence extends beyond typical freight forwarding services. Our customized, value-added services are meticulously designed to enhance your import operations with superior intelligence, efficiency, and analysis. Partner with DGL for a transformative freight forwarding experience tailored for high-volume businesses.