Import Freight Forwarder

Shipping goods internationally involves many tasks that get more and more complicated as the volume of business increases. As a business owner, you are faced with two options when you decide to import goods – handling the entire process yourself or enlisting the help of a freight forwarder. If you decide to handle it in-house, much research into the latest infrastructure, the process involved, technology, and skilled workforce is required to handle such a task, not to mention reading up different laws of different countries.

This is just one of the reasons why organizations nowadays prefer to outsource importing goods to international freight forwarders. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Businesses can focus on their core activities while bringing in a freight forwarder who is an expert in getting lower costs for your shipment knows about the logistics of moving goods from one destination to another while saving you costs.

Dedola Global Logistics knows that every client has different requirements. We pride ourselves in providing personalized solutions in logistics and other secondary services that businesses might need, whether imported by air or ocean. After successfully handling millions of shipments and being in business for nearly five decades, clients who come to us never really leave us.

If you are looking for a logistics solution for your business that works, is practical, and is reliable, give us a call. We’d love to chat with you and see how we can help.

What Is An Import Freight Forwarder?

freight forwarder helps arrange storage and specializes in organizing the transport of goods on behalf of its shippers. Since the job requires looking after secondary aspects of importing, in most cases, a freight forwarder also extends the following services to facilitate easy movement of goods:

  • Ocean or air freight transportation
  • Preparation of required documentation
  • Inland transportation from the origin and to destination
  • Arranging warehousing and storage services
  • Cargo insurance and customs compliance

What Does A Freight Forwarder Do?

When it comes to importing goods, there are many steps involved. In layman’s terms, a freight forwarder helps arrange the movement of goods. To understand what a forwarder does, we need to touch base on what they do not do:

They do not move the goods themselves. However, they are intermediaries between various transportation services, such as trucking, ocean or air freight, and an importer.

On the other hand, a freight forwarding service utilities their knowledge of international transportation and contacts with the carriers to negotiate the best deal and economical route in a way that is a perfect balance between cost, speed, and reliability. We handle a comparatively large part of the international shipping process that otherwise would be too cumbersome and complicated for our clients every time they want to import something.

Clients enlist our services to ensure that they are fully compliant with import documentation, customs laws, and other shipping requirements. By acting as their shipping agent, we assist and advise our clients on how they can effectively and efficiently move the goods from one place to another in a way that helps their operations grow and remove bottlenecks. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of regulations, what our clients require, compliances, transportation costs, and routes can significantly ease the process of moving from different regions.

How Will A Freight Forwarder Help Me?

One of the main functions of a freight forwarder is aiding in importing and exporting goods. However, the part where a forwarder shines is taking care of every step that requires transporting your goods to your doorstep. Since there are so many regulations, complicated documentation, and everything varies from country to country, many successful know the worth of appointing a freight forwarder as their logistics partner.

Knowing the many different shipping carriers, customs law, and documentation requirements is their job. The best part is that you don’t have to get involved. One of the major advantages a forwarder offers is to cut down on transportation time and potential headaches, while ensuring that we provide you with a reliable route and competitive costs. A freight forwarder proves to be an incredible asset over time, especially for companies that are regularly moving goods internationally and when clients’ staff is not equipped with the knowledge of international shipping procedures.

Here are other benefits of enlisting a forwarder:

  • A freight forwarder will look after other tasks that come with importing, such as insurance and documentation.
  • A well-connected freight forwarder also offers services such as warehousing, advising on international payment, proper risk management, and assessment, among other things required as a part of logistics.
  • A good freight forwarder like us always keeps you in the loop, won’t disappear on you, offers premium customer support, and has partners worldwide. All of these features combined give their clients significant leverage.

Dedola Global Logistics Providing Complete Solutions

The next probable question is – where do I find a skilled and registered freight forwarder? Thankfully, Deodola Global Logistics prides itself on fulfilling its clients’ every requirement where freight forwarding is concerned.

When you connect with us, you get access to a team determined to solve your problems, a privately-owned, family-run business that has never let go of its core values, a strong network of international contacts, and one of the most experienced freight forwarders on the market.

You don’t have to believe us – you can check our clients’ many glowing reviews and testimonials. They especially love our extremely easy-to-use and 24/7 available online tracking system. There is no need to dial-up customer service to check up on your parcels; you can do it online, saving you time and stress.

We understand the nitty-gritty of logistics better than anyone in the market and provide complete end-to-end solutions to our clients. Here are other services that we offer:

FCL containers
  • Imports related logistics
  • Cargo shipping
  • Cargo insurance
  • Air Freight
  • Ocean freight tracking
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping via full container load and less than container load
  • Logistics consultation
  • Traffic code review

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