10PL - Logistics to the Power of 10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 10PL

What Is 10 Party Logistics (10PL)?

We hate to answer a question with a question; but, what isn’t it?

What Isn’t It?

Your grandmother’s logistics service.

Help Me Understand.

Freight Forwarder = Radio

3PL/4PL Service Provider = Black & White Television

10PL = 4K High Definition 3D Curved Flat Panel OLED Display

What Does Each Level Of The 10PL Process Represent?
  • 1PL – Shipper
  • 2PL – Traditional Transportation Provider
  • 3PL – Integrated Logistics Service Provider
  • 4PL – High Level Logistics/IT Consulting
  • 5PL – Consulting for the High Level Logistics/IT Consultants
  • 6PL – Artificial Intelligence Driven Supply Chain Management
  • 7PL – Autonomous Competitor Created to Test Alternative Supply Chain Strategies
  • 8PL – Super Committee Created to Analyze Competitor’s Results
  • 9PL – Crowd Sourced Managed Logistics Strategy
  • 10PL – Supply Chain Becomes Self Aware and Runs Itself

10PL Consultation

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