Port of Long Beach, Kite-Powered Ship - This Week in Global Logistics

containership at port with birdsKite-Powered Ship – The international food/agricultural producer Cargill plans to use wind power to reduce fuel consumption by up to 35% on one of their chartered ships.  They found a partner in Hamburg based SkySails GmbH & Co. KG .  The German company will install at computer controlled kite system that will use wind to aid in moving the ship forward.

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Port of Long Beach Celebrates 100 Years – It was June 2, 1911 that the Port of Long Beach received its first shipment in the form of lumber from the Pacific Northwest.  Today, the port handles nearly 500- vessel calls carrying more than $140 billion of cargo annually. Throughout this year, the Port of Long Beach is celebrating the 100 year anniversary in pictures, videos, and stories on a new website – http://polb100.com/.

Slow Streaming Will Continue – Maersk, the world’s largest container ship operator, has stated the strategy of slow steaming has become a “core operating principle” of the Danish giant.  Slow steaming is the process of reducing vessel cruising speed from 22-25 knots to 18-20 knots (or even as low as 8-12 knots).  The effect of this strategy reduces operating costs for carriers through improved fuel consumption while also reducing C02 emissions.  Additionally, it also reduces market capacity since ships are increasing transit times for each voyage.

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New Campaign Raises Piracy Awareness – A group of maritime organizations has launched a program to raise awareness of Somali piracy.  The group seeks to strengthen laws and gain increased political support in fighting piracy.

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