trucking freight drayageGreener Shipping Containers – Maersk announced a new policy regarding container flooring.  Currently, the shipping industry uses as much as 1.5 million cubic meters of hardwood annually to outfit new containers.  Under the new policy, Maersk will only purchase containers featuring wood from certifiably sustainable resource or other non-wood alternatives (for example bamboo or recycled plastics).


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Intellectual Property In China – As China continues to grow as a major outsourcing provider, concerns over piracy and protecting intellectual property are also on the rise.  It is important for companies to implement best practices to help mitigate these risks.  Precautions as simple as managing employee access to your facilities can greatly improve security.


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China Pushes Back Against U.S. Tire Tariffs – Last year the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that U.S. tariffs up to 35% on Chinese tires were lawful.  However, China has appealed the ruling in a move that demonstrates the growing tension between the established and emerging WTO economies.  A decision on the matter is expected later this year.


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