China, Japan, South Korea FTATalks Begin on Proposed Tripartite FTA – South Korea, China and Japan have confirmed that the first round of talks on a proposed trilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be held in Seoul on March 26th. Establishing an FTA would strengthen the countries existing economic and trade ties. Two more rounds of FTA talks are expected this year – one in China and one in Japan.

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Construction Begins at Port of Melbourne – A $1.6 billion construction project on the third container terminal at Australia’s Port of Melbourne has begun. The project includes additional shipping berths and on-dock inspection facilities. The terminal is expected to be operational in late 2016.

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EU Interested in FTA with Japan – The European Union (EU) may launch Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Japan during a summit in Tokyo on March 25th. The EU believes an FTA will boost Europe’s economy in addition to increasing exports to Japan by 32 percent, and Japanese exports to Europe by 23 percent.

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Canada-Panama FTA to Take Effect in April – Canada’s Minister of State of Foreign Affairs has announced that the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will come into effect on April 1, 2013. The FTA will eliminate tariffs on over 90 percent of Canadian goods exported to Panama.

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