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When importing products into the U.S., selecting the ideal logistics collaborator can make or break the shipping experience. Many companies, enticed by foreign freight forwarders’ tantalizingly low rates, learn that saving pennies now can cost dollars later. Here’s why it might not be wise to fall for those “too good to be true” deals:

  1. Beware the Hidden Costs Behind Low Rates It’s tempting to choose the lowest price, but a deeper dive often reveals why foreign forwarders charge less: shortcuts. Dedola Global Logistics (DGL) focuses on offering comprehensive, ultra-premium, high-value service rather than selling “cheap rates.”

With DGL, you’re investing in unparalleled continual consultation, route analysis, timely communication, an advanced TrakITPro cargo tracking system, and more. In the long run, this thoroughness prevents costly mistakes, and we find ways for you to save money, whereas the fleeting savings from a “cheap rates” forwarder can cost more.

  1. The “Rolled” Shipments Risk Opting for cheaper rates might mean your shipment gets “rolled” or postponed. This can upset inventory timelines, potentially leading to stock surpluses or shortages.


  2. Expertise Matters Many foreign forwarders lack a seasoned operations team familiar with U.S. port regulations. DGL, however, boasts a well-equipped team and a deep bench that has served clients for years, ensuring efficient issue resolution and reducing avoidable fees.

When freight forwarders charge cheap rates, they do not allocate enough experienced staff, often leading to increased demurrage, detention, and other avoidable fees. Every client of ours has a dedicated customer service representative you can contact anytime by phone, email, or text. We have a team in Shanghai if you need after-hours assistance or “boots on the ground.”

  1. Beware of Surprise Fees Many companies have encountered unexpected costs that counteract initial savings. DGL promises complete transparency, urging clients to compare our quotes with those from foreign forwarders to spot potential pitfalls.

DGL offers full line-by-line quote transparency. Before you sign, compare apples to apples with us, with your Sales exec and a member of our Ops team.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Quality Partners Overseas forwarders might collaborate with subpar partners, exposing you to delays and mishandling. DGL’s five-decade experience has enabled the cultivation of robust partnerships, ensuring optimal cargo handling. With low-cost, low-quality intermodal partners, you increase the risk of delays, damage, or mismanagement.

Foreign-based forwarders use the lowest bidders and often the most inadequate quality partners. You risk severe issues, including your cargo getting stuck for days or weeks, flagged by customs, and passed through more hands than necessary without visibility and communication.

Don’t make dependability an issue when it doesn’t need to be. Our network is solid, vetted, and scores the highest marks of trustworthiness.

  1. The Importance of Real-Time Tracking In a connected age, knowing your shipment’s status is indispensable. Many budget-friendly forwarders fall short here. DGL, however, empowers clients with 24/7 access to TrakItPro for comprehensive shipment visibility. Everything you need to know about your cargo is at your fingertips.

Learn more about the best features of TrakITPro here.

  1. Don’t Sacrifice Customer Service. Being stranded without timely assistance can be frustrating. DGL’s dedicated, round-the-clock team ensures seamless, end-to-end service, encompassing various logistical facets, continuous expertise access, and a hands-on approach to every shipping stage.

Not only do you get a dedicated service rep who learns your business in and out, but we handle operations at the load port and discharge port, ocean carriage, customs clearance, and local and long-haul trucking, giving you high visibility and access through the entire process.

We follow up with the shipper on your behalf and File ISF/AMS paperwork and many more critical operations for you along the way.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Cargo Losses An unchecked process can cause your cargo to be misplaced or damaged. Foreign forwarders might not invest in secure packaging or proper handling, creating numerous potential points of failure. With DGL, quality control is paramount. We do things the right way, and that’s the best way for you and your cargo.


  2. Rates Alone Don’t Dictate Quality When foreign forwarders inundate businesses via email with low rates, caution is advised. A reputable logistics partner balances fair rates with reliability and exceptional service end to end. Spamming rates are a hint to the quality of forwarding partner.

In summary, while the initial allure of low-cost foreign forwarders is undeniable, the hidden complications and potential expenses can be a game-changer.

While foreign-based forwarders might seem attractive initially due to their low rates, the potential risks and hidden costs can lead to significant problems. Remember, it probably is if it sounds too good to be true in the freight forwarding world.

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